Awakening Brand Energy
Activating the 7 Brand Chakras
What is a Brand Chakra?
I’ve used different frameworks over the years to understand and strengthen the brand power. I developed a Brand Chakra framework after studying chakras as a way to manage human energy to achieve better outcomes. Chakras are a set of portals between the inner and outer worlds of a person. I find a brand to be a portal between the inner and outer worlds of a company.  The chakra system describes an invisible energetic structure that influences the functions and experiences of human beings.  The Brand Chakra system is an invisible energy structure that influences the power and value of a brand as it operates in the world. (tweet this) Through understanding Brand chakras, we can find new ways to keep a brand vibrant.
The 7 Brand Chakras
Brands, living mental constructs that reside in the mind influencing thoughts and behaviors, are fueled by energy. (tweet this) Brand chakras are energy centers within the brand that receive and express life force energy. As contexts shift, energy flows differently in and out of the brand often creating dissonance, tension or disconnection. While human chakras relate to parts of the physical body, Brand chakras relate to structural facets of the brand.

The Brand Chakra System

Chakra 1, Brand Root Chakra:  The Power of Authenticity
The grounding of the brand to real people and the real world. Where brand authenticity lives.  The brand’s right:  To Exist

Chakra 2, Brand Emotional Chakra:  The Power of Passion
How the brand pleases, evokes desire, creates sensation, delivers self-gratification to the consumer.  Where the emotional connection and brand juiciness live.  The brand’s right:  To make people Feel and Want

Chakra 3, Brand Vitality Chakra:  The Power of Will
The brand’s strength of purpose, character, self-esteem and clarity of its identity through action.  Where brand integrity and strength live.  The brand’s right:  To Act

Chakra 4, Brand Social Chakra:  The Power of Love
How the brand relates with others, exhibits empathy and compassion, connects with love.  Where the brand’s social identity and affinity live. The brand’s right:  To Love and Be Loved

Chakra 5, Brand Expression Chakra:  The Power of Truth and Story
How the brand speaks and is heard through what it says and does not say.  Where brand creativity, design, resonance, communications and clarity of self-expression live.  The brand’s right:  To Speak and Be Heard

Chakra 6, Brand Knowing Chakra:  The Power of Vision
How the brand intuitively and insightfully sees the world, accurately perceives the needs and wants of people, understands itself in relation to others.  Where brand role and innovation live.  The brand’s right:  To See and Serve

Chakra 7, Brand Cultural Chakra:  The Power of Belonging
The universal aspect of the brand identity that puts it within a collective culture, the highest common denominator between the brand and humanity, noble path or purpose.  Where brand consciousness and wisdom live.  The brand’s right: To Be Known

Balance the Energy to Build Brand Power
Brand chakras are energy centers where energy flows in and out of the brand affecting power and value. Energy can get stuck, become deficient, excessive or blocked creating issues and opportunities for a brand. Each Brand chakra represents an essential chamber in the brand, housing an aspect that is necessary for whole brand power.  The chakras operate interdependently as energy flows across them in dual directions. The goal is to BALANCE the energy and resolve the tension of opposites in order to build greater brand vitality and resilience.  Balanced brand energy enables greater brand power and stability in a volatile world of constantly shifting social contexts. (tweet this)

This provides a very brief, toppling overview of my Brand Chakra System.  If you are interested to learn more or want to learn how to perform a quick Brand Chakra Assessment of your brand, click here.