BRIGHTMARK is a transformational branding company that helps organizations better grow, adapt and have positive impact in the world. We create powerful brands that drive greater business, Reputational and cultural value and make the world a better place.

Creating brands that make a difference is our vocation.

We believe in the power of art to connect, convey truth and inspire new action. We see brands as pieces of cultural art that carry vital meaning and information to people.

We are a thinking person’s branding company.

We create a brand based on a compelling idea rooted in strategic insight derived from primary, secondary and observational research. We dig deep, go off the beaten path and use a collective imagination to ask the right questions, connect the dots and explore all the elements of the market, competition, culture and future.

We take a systems approach to strategy.

We look at the whole picture, the ecosystem of the market, consumers, peers and competitors and the culture. We perform a rigorous analysis of the ecology and build a future-forward, fact-based foundation on which to develop the brand strategy.

We believe businesses are in constant transformation and that the human side needs help.

The pace of technological progress and global interconnection is disruptive, unsettling and often de-humanizing. Our brands provide a trusted constant for people inside and outside of the company, a reassuring beacon in an uncertain world.


Top Branding and Re-Branding Expertise. Few companies have created as many brands, or as many powerful brands, as BrightMark. We have over 65 brand cases across diverse sectors. We created the defining brand case histories in beverage (Snapple) and telecom (Qwest). Our approach, institutional knowledge, cross-disciplinary and functional expertise has produced a consistent track record of success.

Brand Ecologists. We take a systems approach to understanding how your business, market and brand work together.

Creative Business Strategists. We are entrepreneurial strategists and artists with deep business insights from working with global enterprises, large public and private companies, early stage ventures, government agencies, non-profits and visionaries.

Cultural Transformation Expertise. We believe the brand must resonate and activate within the company. We use proven methods to create a common aspiration and motivational belief system that awakens, aligns, trains and activates employees to build brand value.

Edge Dwellers. We sit at the nexus of commerce, culture and technology as we collaborate with thinkers, content creators and technologists in NYC, Boston, DC, LA, Silicon Valley and Seattle to stay at the edge of where the world is heading.

People-Centric. We focus on the human side of business.

Diggers. We like to play in the mud.

Small. We like things lean and mean. We use a small, focused core team to achieve big results.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team brings deep experience, cross-functional expertise and visionary imagination.

Headshot of Jane Cavalier

Jane Cavalier

Founder and CEO

Picture of Larry Volpi

Larry Volpi

Brand Creative Director

Picture of Tracy Rosen

Tracy Rosen

Research and Insights Director

Picture of Phil Halyard

Phil Halyard

Brand Creative Director

Picture of Janice Hasenfeld

Janice Hasenfeld

Culture and Behavior Change Strategist

Picture of Natalie Barandes

Natalie Barandes

Chief Joy Officer, Video Storyteller

Picture of Geoffrey Radcliffe

Geoffrey Radcliffe

Chief Digital Marketing Officer

Picture of Amber Gans-Pereira

Amber Gans-Pereira

Senior Graphic Designer

Picture of Olivia Gawler

Olivia Gawler

Branding Associate and Project Manager