We work with leaders committed to greatness and focused on positive change. Leaders building institutions, movements, experiences, products, and services that fuel meaningful progress.

Leaders recognizing the need for a brand as they take on complex challenges and hopeful opportunities, and the aspiration to create change at scale. Our clients are looking for world class expertise, deep listening skills, insightful analytics and visionary imagination.

We have worked across diverse markets and companies. Global enterprises seeking a fresh perspective to sharpen their brand. Private companies looking to strengthen leadership and relevance. Ambitious early stage entrepreneurs seeking to make a mark and break from the pack. Government agencies re-inventing and re-defining. Non-profits seeking to ratchet up their relevance. Celebrities wanting to make a difference. Every challenge is unique, and every brand is original.

Public Companies and Global Enterprises

Brand innovation for strategic services opportunities

Global re-branding and innovation

Branding of U.S. innovation labs

B2B re-branding in financial services

Re-branding in U.S.

Brand identity and marketing making Qwest into #4 telecom player

Millennial brand adaptation and innovation

Brand insights and innovation for relevance across key target groups for all divisions

Global brand elevation and brand marketing

Internal brand alignment for stronger workforce engagement

Brand adaption to female market in financial services and innovation

Brand Strategy for Outsourcing and Business Consulting

Brand innovation for strategic services opportunities

Global re-branding

Brand equity study and brand insights

Created new brand and all marketing for the nation’s first AI-powered company health plan services company.

Private Companies

Built this brand with Made from the Best Stuff on Earth

Re-brand in the U.S. for millennials

Brand expansion, architecture, innovation

Corporate brand identity, brand architecture

Brand innovation and adaptation

Brand expansion strategy

Brand strategy

Brand strategy for revolutionary helmet safety technology

Brand extension and innovation

Re-branding, brand extension, innovation and marketing

Brand identity of revolutionary system of electric workpower vehicles


Global brand strategy, digital branding

Global re-branding, brand architecture

Re-branding of profession and association


Brand Strategy, naming, brand architecture, social change campaign


Brand identity for cultural supercenter

Brand identity of cutting-edge alternative health research center

Brand identity of nation’s oldest and most prestigious PhD Policy School


Brand identity, fundraising proposition

Conceived and launched social change brand and campaign


Re-branding of NAVAIR, Naval Air Systems Command

Brand identity of ECA’s digital community of exchange grant recipients

Re-branding of this ex-FFRDC into a lead Government Consultancy

Re-branding of newly merged and transformed shared services agency


Brand name

Brand strategy, brand innovation

Brand Identity

Brand strategy, sales and marketing materials

Advised Gisele Bundchen, Jessica Seinfeld, Dr. Mark Hyman and others branding their businesses.