we are creative, strategic problem solvers. our strength lies in our collective imagination, diversity of our seasoned perspectives, depth of our experience and mix of our specialized skills.

With intelligence, curiosity and creativity, we discover new ideas to inspire extraordinary success for companies. We have a complete spectrum of talents, techniques and technologies to tackle any brand, innovation and marketing challenge. From large scale quantitative studies to multi-million dollar campaigns, we bring the A-team to get it done.

Re-Branding and Transformational Branding

Whether you want to correct misperceptions, embrace a new future, strengthen leadership or prevent creeping irrelevance, our full-scale re-branding process brings all the pieces together to transform the way people see your product/company.

Brand Re-fresh

When a great brand starts to fade or feel tired, it’s time to assess and carefully re-invigorate.

Brand Adaptation for New Markets

Sometimes what makes a brand powerful in one market, makes it weak in another. How elastic is your brand and how do you stretch the equities in new markets without diluting power? We unpack the challenges and define the strategies, concepts, messages and activations that will give your brand relevance in new places.

New Brands

We help you to find the right audience, market, positioning, value proposition, name and brand that will provide maximum value.

Brand Architecture

Many organizations today are complex systems that have evolved over time resulting in mixed brands, messages and logos swirling around. We define the branding model, hierarchy, naming and and graphic system that governs the use of brands.

Brand Extensions and Brand Innovation

What are the untapped lines of business that could be powered by your brand? What products, services and collaborations might create new value? Our Brand Innovation process brings in experts, artists, technologists, futurists and big thinkers to work with your team to re-Imagine possibilities, determine opportunities and set priorities.

Brand Awareness and Engagement

A brand does not exist if it is not known. There has never been a better time to build a brand given the massively expanding media and commerce marketplace. How do we focus funds for greatest impact? With analysis and artful curation, we provide several pathways to raising your brand profile and building real power in the marketplace.

Brand Assessment and Evaluation

Ever wonder how powerful your brand is? Want to know the magnitude of difference between your brand and the competition? Have a creeping sense that your brand is losing relevance, leadership or reputational value? Brand Assessment has been a hallmark of BrightMark for 20 years and is part of our re-branding and transformational work. We provide a rigorous, insightful report on the power, equities, associations, liabilities and beliefs related to your brand that gives you actionable insights.

Brand Naming and Design

Our naming process is strategically driven, iterative, insight-based and co-creative with consumers, experts and your team.

Brand-Aligned Cultural Transformation

The greatest untapped growth opportunity in most organizations resides with employees. We help you build a meaningful culture where employees truly care and are empowered to build value. Our cultural transformation work features the tools, resources and plans needed to endow your people with motivational belief and the ability to change. Our approach energizes and enables people to embrace change and commit to a future of unlimited possibility. With a focus on maximum positive impact and value creation, we help you use your brand story to build a strong foundation of trust and communication that drives employees to continually adapt and excel.

Additional Products and Services

Aside from consulting, BrightMark offers products and services that help with branding, innovation, business strategy and culture.

  • Custom Research: qualitative, quantitative, experiential, trend scans; branding, innovation, customer satisfaction, reputational, positioning, feasibility
  • Brand Power Scorecard
  • Cultural and Strengths Assessment
  • Brand Graphics and Package Design
  • Website and Web Presence Design
  • Brand Films and Branded Content
  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Activation
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Annual Reports, Corporate Communications
  • Investor Relations
  • Public Relations, Influencer Marketing, Media Outreach