BrightMark is one of the country’s most creative branding and integrated marketing firms.

Our unique role is to use all means necessary to build leadership brands and businesses in a disruptive age. Future-informed insights, strategies and ideas that transform perspectives and choices. Well-crafted artistic expressions and consumer engagements that break through and forge new relationships.

A focus on creating extreme distinction, relevance and authenticity resulting in enduring value. Digital expertise that helps brands dominate the Internet and create meaningful engagements across the web.

Deeply rooted in business strategy and strategic intelligence and delivered with creative style, our work creates change and value where there once was none.

BrightMark is part of New York City’s dynamic creative community, and is a magnet for visionary thinkers.

The Power of Mentorships vs. Internships

December 08, 2014

Learn how to enable this shared, collaborative relationship by one experienced and one inexperienced person can create a shared space of imagination.


Ask more questions.

Get more answers.

Impact requires craft.

Adapting to the World’s Most Important Consumer – Women

October 09, 2014

With the increase in female power and wealth – 45% of America’s wealthiest are women - there is a rise in female values which is re-shaping how we live and work such as the increases entrepreneurship, community building, social marketing, financing cooperatives and bottom-up support networks.


Ideas are only as

fragile as the

backbones behind them.

Why Localism Matters

July 27, 2014

Localism prevailed when residents began to care about the community around them regaining a sense of place and belonging and to safeguard future access to the special and original, vs. the bland, the global and the commoditized.