I never thought about how the mass distribution of wireless technology has transformed the bottom billion into the “rising billion”– and how this might change my life and the life of my children, community and country. Indeed, the Singularity is here. As of early 2011, over 50% of the world’s population had cellular connectivity and this technology is powerful. It is literally transforming the bottom billion into the “rising billion” a new economic and social class. Micro-loans, micro-tasking, co-creation of goods are some of the provocative ideas reviewed with real-world examples. By 2020, nearly 3 billion new people will be added to the Internet and the global brain. For the first time, all of us will have access to intelligence, wisdom, creativity, insight and experiences that up until now have been largely out of reach. Imagine what that might mean.

Because this is a fresh market with no incumbent forces, new ideas are easy to implement and take hold quickly, allowing for wave of change – the trickling up of innovation. With the technologies of today and what’s quickly coming, the rising billion will have the remarkable power to identify, solve and implement their own solutions. Some say this group may be the group with the greatest potential to reshape the world. We can now stop thinking about the poor as victims or as a burden, and start recognizing them a new resilient and creative entrepreneurial force. Consider the new Cheetah generation in Africa.