This was the first time I gained a clear understanding around what all those tech billionaires are doing with their big money – and their big brains. BIG is the operative word here. The visions are huge, the minds are open, mega forces are at work – and breakthroughs are happening. That’s the quick summary from Abundance. Technophilanthropists are a game changing force that we have never seen before, and they are counter what we expect from the uber wealthy.

When Jeff Skoll, first president of e-Bay, cashed out in 1998 for $2 billion, he took his philanthropy global with a vision of building a sustainable world of peace and prosperity. This is one person in a large group that is committed (not with just money but also with resources and influence) to bending the future and solving the world’s biggest problems. Honestly, it is truly inspiring to read about the efforts being undertaken and the ripple effects -social entrepreneurship, impact investing, triple-bottom line investing.

Most of these technophilanthropists are still young – never has so much wealth been in the hands of so few young people. Since many of them built global businesses at a young age, they bring a new kind of energy, optimism, and confidence. As Elon Musk (my other forever hero) says: “As some of the smartest people look to where to focus their energies next, they are now attracted to the biggest problems facing humanity, particularly in the areas of education, health care and sustainable energy. . . the result will be the creation of new technologies, companies and jobs that will bring prosperity to billions on Earth.” Amen Elon.