This is the first Overhead Space of 2016. I’m a bit behind schedule but all for good. I’ve been immersed in new ideas and thinking about the next ten years, which is why I have devoted this entire blog to one thought – Abundance. Actually, Abundance is the title of a new book by Peter Diamandis (my forever hero) and Steven Kotler (it’s on Amazon). This is really a must read for everyone as it changes the way you see the current and future world. I’ve already sent it to a dozen people. The authors do a stellar job, with painstaking evidence, showing the mass prosperity of today and all the good things coming. The sentiment behind Abundance counters what the modern media culture would have us all believe (also addressed in the book). However, facts are facts. It’s nice to finally see some! It’s impossible to dispute what the others reveal. Since many of you may not care to sit with this 300+ page masterpiece, I am offering up three ideas that captured my imagination in the first half.

Abundance is a vision built on the backbone of exponential change and the massively transformative nature of exponential technologies. It helped me to understand just how much we have transcended what seemed impossible only a decade ago, and the incredible new things – radically different and better things – that will soon be in all of our lives. As we all work to build a better world, it’s essential to expand our understanding of what’s actually possible. I was amazed. I hope this inspires you to read the book!